What is the best all in one dj controller?

The best all in one dj controller is for everyone to decide. Nowadays instead of a complete dj set, djs, producers and singers use a lighter more portable piece of equipment for their songs. The digital dj controller.  It is a more advanced and convenient method to play your tunes. A dj controller is a […]

Is a salary in Bitcoin such a good idea?

It is not often possible yet, but there are companies in the world that make it possible to pay salaries in Bitcoin instead of ‘regular’ money. Although that is very modern and can certainly work to your advantage, it can also turn out differently. Bitcoin salary If you follow the coin a bit, you know […]

Free internet for low incomes in Belgium

  We know XS4ALL, one of the Internet providers from the very beginning that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and a KPN brand that is on the way to the exit. In Belgium, provider Proximus has started ‘Internet for All’, a project that allows people with a low income, who cannot […]

Never copying again: this is how anti-cheating software works

Our government is running away with it: anti-cheating software. In these times of home education, it is software that ensures that students are checked for possible cheating with other students. Of course, copying someone else’s work is not allowed, but to what extent is it actually allowed to invade the student’s privacy? Here’s how anti-cheating […]